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Eye’M Monster

Never fear, there’s always joy whenever I’m near! Add a sprinkle of monster cheer to your scoop with the Eye’M Monster’s chocolate eye and your favorite dry toppings.

That Hat

Teleport to your happy place with That Hat’s crunchy Oreo crumble, crispy choco-dipped sugar cone and creamy scoops of joy.

Monster Shake

One sip of our Monster Shake and you’ll instantly shimmy off the bad vibes! Feel the monster magic with this thick shake, whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Happy Value Pack

Nothing makes our monsters happier than our un-boo-lievable deals! Treat your loved ones and get in on the monster fun with our limited edition packs.

Eye’M Monster Pack

A Party Pack of our heroic monsters are here to fight fear and spread cheer!

Buy 10 Free 2
Buy 7 Free 1
Junior Regular
Buy 10 Free 2 40 $50
Buy 7 Free 1 $28 $35

Monster Family Pack

Our Family Pack of Happy Monsters can’t wait to make friends. Take them home for your family!

Buy 3 Free 1
Pint Quart
Buy 3 Free 1 $45 $81